Disclaimer – Welfare Committee Application for Charity Donation

Required Reading Before Application Completion

Members requesting assistance from the AMFA Local 11 Welfare Committee must read the following section before submitting the application. This will better assist the Committee in performing their responsibilities.

Per AMFA Local 11 Bylaws:

• The funds used to sustain this program are from members’ dues at a rate of 5% per month.

• The maximum to be awarded to an organization is $2,500. In cases where Local 11 members are assisting charitable organizations, the maximum amount allowed for this charitable organization can be increased to $5000, providing that it is related to expense reportable items and services.

• Should a charitable organization be the requested benefactor of a request, this organization must be recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as such.

• The Committee has the authority to increase or decrease the amount requested within the limits of the Bylaws.

• The omission of requested information or falsification WILL result in disqualification and prevention of award for three years.

• Should a request be denied by the Committee, one must wait 90 days to resubmit.

Points to consider prior to submitting an application:

• Applications MUST be completed in full. Please treat these applications with respect as this is the Members’ monies. Also, we are regulated and responsible to the Department of Labor and Internal Revenue Service as well. Fill out these applications as if it were an application to a bank credit organization.

• Once this fund has been depleted, no money can be added from other accounts to fund assistance.

• The Committee is expected to ask questions about your request. Please plan a organized presentation to provide this group with the all information on the charity you wish to assist.

If a member wants more information on the Welfare Fund and the Welfare Committee, they can go to Article VI section 16 of Local 11 bylaws.

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