Professional Standards Committee

AMFA Local 11 presents our Professional Standards Committee in Dallas. This team consists of your peers and is listed below for your convenience. In our fast paced, high stress work environment. It is understood that conflicts can sometimes arise between members. It is important to work through these conflicts as early as possible. As disagreements become unresolved, it can develop into a bigger issue.

The Professional Standards Committee is available to assist Local 11 members in resolving conflicts and/or safety issues that may arise between themselves and others in our work environment.

AMFA Local 11 has requested that all of its members contact this team prior to discussing your problems with the company.

  • Chairman – Nicole Sereika
  • Scott Andrezjwski
  • Tom Wiggins
  • John Paonessa
  • Scott Pipkin
  • Rich Koch
  • Jeff Nichols
  • Kevin Johnson
  • Kent Olds
  • Dennis Tapper
  • Mike Dillon
  • J.P. Morgan
  • Frank Martinez
  • Paul Schnapp
  • James Sereika
  • Matt Townsend
  • Robert Cush