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Local News

National News

Introduction to the AMFA PAC

Dear AMFA Local 11 Member: Workforce issues, safety and security, our outsourcing crisis, and ever-increasing new technology make one thing certain: the aircraft mechanic and related craft must be at the table when the U.S. Congress makes decisions that affect us. We can’t assume or expect anyone else will be our advocate on Capitol Hill. AMFA political action committee (PAC), established in July of this year by AMFA’s National Executive Council (NEC), is dedicated to mobilizing mechanics for change…

Read the entire letter here…

Employer Mandated Vaccinations re Covid

In the wake of recent news, particularly with Friday’s report that UAL has become the first major airline to seek a company-wide mandated vaccination program, I wanted to reach out to you now after consulting with Legal in order to set out the following:

To date, no airline employing AMFA-represented members has sought to mandate vaccination against the COVID-19 virus as a condition of employment and at this time we are not on notice that any will. There has also been no invitation from any carrier to open bargaining with AMFA over a vaccine program, nor is there any ongoing bargaining that would provide that opportunity, nor is any scheduled to commence in the immediate future. In both rank and file and union leadership there are strong opinions on the vaccine and especially on mandatory vaccination and reasonable minds can differ…

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GoFundMe for AMFA Member

HOU AMFA Local 18 Member Gabby Perez recently lost her only brother, and has taken on the responsibility for his medical and memorial/funeral expenses. AMFA Local 18 has created a GoFundMe fundraiser to help Gabby with this financial burden. Please share with your members and support Gabby by donating here.

Shop Rep Nominations Open

AMFA LOCAL 11 is accepting applications for Shop Representatives. This process is a self-nominating processed based on your 2019 shift and bid location. Local 11 is always accepting volunteers to be Shop Reps.

Open the nomination form here.

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Other News

Memo Regarding LMS Issues

As you are certainly aware, the LMS training system is not working correctly. We have discussed this issue with Southwest and there has been little improvement.

We are now asking for your help to gather specific details of the problems you have encountered with the LMS training system, including times and dates, people you have notified, letters you have received, and anything else you feel may be important…
Read the entire memo here.

Compliance Reminder: Non-Compliance Awareness

On July 13, 2017, Southwest terminated an Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) for deviating from “all required procedures included in MT 735-00-01.”

The letter of termination indicates that the Company relied on surveillance tape to determine that the AMT may have allowed a second mechanic to sign for work that the AMT had performed:  “security video evidences that a second AMT did not enter the area of the flight crew oxygen cylinder and therefore, required processes and/or procedures of MT 735-00-01 were not completed.”

Based on this single incident, Southwest justified the AMT’s termination in the following terms:

Southwest Airlines expects its Aircraft Maintenance Technicians to follow policies and procedures to ensure the safety of our customers and employees.  Based on the aforementioned conduct, which has led to Southwest Airlines losing confidence in your judgment and ability to properly follow regulations, policy and procedures, your employment with Southwest Airlines is terminated.

Disclosures to the FAA have also led to the AMT’s receipt of a Letter of Investigation…

Read the entire letter from Scott King here

Know your rights!

Our legal counsel Lee Seham has produced an instructional video about AIR21 and your rights as Aircraft Maintenance Technicians.

View the video here.

Reports and Updates


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