Letter from Outsourcing Liaison concerning downline trips

In case you’ve been wondering what your recent past and future at Southwest Airlines looks like, please take a close at the following.  Here are three new types of outsourcing notifications that we have never seen before (downline trips), all in the last four days.  It is absolutely clear that Southwest intends to circumvent any agreement that we may reach…

Read the letter from Nino here.

Local 11 Shop Rep Nominations

Local 11 is accepting nominations for all bid locations and shifts. If you would like to be a shop representative you can self-nominate. You will need to verify your willingness to serve prior to accepting the position.

We will accept nominations until 29 December 2016.
Questions can be addressed to the Secretary of AMFA Local 11 by text or phone at (817) 885-9079.

AMFA – SWA Facilities Maintenance Technician Tentative Agreement Referendum Notice

The AMFA – Southwest Airlines Negotiating Committee has requested a system-wide referendum of the Facilities Maintenance Technician classification regarding a Tentative Agreement. The complete text of the TA was emailed to each member’s company email address on November 4, 2016. If you have not received the TA, please contact the Administration Director at 720-744-6629.

This secret ballot referendum is being conducted by mail, and all active members in good standing employed by Southwest Airlines in the Facilities Maintenance Technician classification are eligible to vote in this referendum.

Mail your ballot in the pre-addressed stamped envelope in sufficient time for it to be received by the post office box by 10:00 AM ET on December 29, 2016, the day of the ballot tally.

Read the entire notice here.