Scholarship Program

AMFA 11 provides a scholarship program to assist our members and their families with the growing costs of continuing education.

Current Scholarship Guidelines


How many scholarships and how much?

The program was approved by our membership for a total of twelve awards in the amount of $1,000.

The process is very easy. Please take time to read the guidelines above and complete the application. Once selected, the winners will be notified and the process moves on. The selectee will then be required to submit the proper documentation prior to payment.

Previous Winners

  • 2017: Farrah Ata, Taylor Clenin, Rebekah Garcia, Julia Heeg, Emily Hobart, James Hobart, Robert Jobe, Jordan Kane, Mylasia Miklas, Christina Nguyen, Maiya Souvoravong, Christina Tan
  • 2016: Charlotte Coonrod, Nicholas Gregg, Sarah Gregg, Jacob Eaves, Katherine Jobe, Allisandra Koch, Kimberly Lizana, John Morgan, Jacob Poole, Hilary Taylor, Brooks Townsend, Ken Witt, Jr.
  • 2015: Samantha Hafley, James Hafley, Kala Nenkova, Chris Zabransky, Heather Singsaas, James Hobart, Colin Miller, James Nguyen, Kalin Clark, Tyler Norman, Haley Tapper and Autumn Branham.
  • 2014: Cody Ballert, Martha Baker, Brianna Brooks, Charlotte Coonrod, Kelsey Johnson, Kimberly Lizana, Syed Mohuiuddin, Mitchel Pritchard, Jordan Pogue, Donald Rhoads , Stephan K. Shanahan, Hilary Taylor, and Joshua Zabransky.
  • 2013: Eloisa Anderson, Martha Baker, Annie Collier, Hunter Glasoe, Tyson Hill, Chance Jones, Caitlan Lee, Ashlee Morris, Taylor Nenkova, Morgan Nichols, Jacob Rhame, Heather Singsaas, Katelyn Stiles and Kim Tan.