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National News

AMFA ALR Update – January 2

January 2, 2021
To All AMFA Members at Southwest Airlines:
As you know on December 18th, we had completed the hearings for all three Expedited Arbitrations (AMT, App Tech, and FMT) for furlough protection. AMFA was to the point where briefs were due to the arbitrators starting next week.
We are pleased to communicate that all three cases are now officially history. The Arbitrators have been noticed of what is called a post-hearing stipulation which confirms that the cases are now moot because the RIF (reduction in force) has been canceled.
So, what that means is that AMFA members keep its contracts intact with no concessions through 2021. There will be no RIF, no job loss, and there will be no ruling issued and the grievances have been withdrawn without prejudice.
This is all good news for AMFA members and good news for Southwest Airlines. Your dedication to our craft has been nothing less than exceptional. We are proud to serve as your Airline Representatives.

In Solidarity,

Your AMFA–SWA Airline Representatives

Local 11 Officer Election Update

After nominations closed, the following positions went unopposed:

• President: Dale Dixon
• Secretary: Frank Suentzenich
• Safety and Standards: Tom Wiggins
• Appearance Technician Area Rep: Carla Foster (1 year)
• AMT Area Rep: Mike Stanley

The following additional nomination is unopposed and is being notified to sign their willingness to serve:

• Primary Alternate delegate to the National Convention: Bryan Washausen
• There was no nomination for the second alternate delegate.

AMFA ALR Update – November 23

We met with the Company today for the first time since it issued WARN Act notices to our members last week. The Company’s actions today served only to reinforce its goal of not letting this crisis go to waste. The parties were engaged in the productive process of identifying voluntary cost saving measures when Southwest abruptly, and with no meaningful notice to your Union, delivered WARN Act notices to our members weeks before the holiday season. Southwest was not interested in continuing that productive dialogue today. Instead, it proposed a new round of concessions to our contracts, claiming the voluntary measures we had identified failed to achieve the savings needed by Southwest. Yet, in nearly the same breath, the Company advised it still had not finished costing the value of savings generated as a result of our insourcing measures. It was clear to your ALR’s, given this obvious double talk, the Company is only interested in cost-savings that result from contractual changes. This is crisis capitalism at its finest.
The Company proposed three separate concessionary Agreements to modify our three existing contracts:

Read the entire update here.


CDC – What Aircraft Maintenance Workers Need to Know about COVID-19

As an aircraft maintenance worker, you could be exposed to COVID-19 in situations such as when you have close contact with someone with COVID-19 or when you touch surfaces while repairing aircraft interiors and lavatories that have been touched or handled by a person with COVID-19…

Read the entire article here.

Shop Rep Nominations Open

AMFA LOCAL 11 is accepting applications for Shop Representatives. This process is a self-nominating processed based on your 2019 shift and bid location. Local 11 is always accepting volunteers to be Shop Reps.

Open the nomination form here.

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Other News

Memo Regarding LMS Issues

As you are certainly aware, the LMS training system is not working correctly. We have discussed this issue with Southwest and there has been little improvement.

We are now asking for your help to gather specific details of the problems you have encountered with the LMS training system, including times and dates, people you have notified, letters you have received, and anything else you feel may be important…
Read the entire memo here.

Compliance Reminder: Non-Compliance Awareness

On July 13, 2017, Southwest terminated an Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) for deviating from “all required procedures included in MT 735-00-01.”

The letter of termination indicates that the Company relied on surveillance tape to determine that the AMT may have allowed a second mechanic to sign for work that the AMT had performed:  “security video evidences that a second AMT did not enter the area of the flight crew oxygen cylinder and therefore, required processes and/or procedures of MT 735-00-01 were not completed.”

Based on this single incident, Southwest justified the AMT’s termination in the following terms:

Southwest Airlines expects its Aircraft Maintenance Technicians to follow policies and procedures to ensure the safety of our customers and employees.  Based on the aforementioned conduct, which has led to Southwest Airlines losing confidence in your judgment and ability to properly follow regulations, policy and procedures, your employment with Southwest Airlines is terminated.

Disclosures to the FAA have also led to the AMT’s receipt of a Letter of Investigation…

Read the entire letter from Scott King here

Know your rights!

Our legal counsel Lee Seham has produced an instructional video about AIR21 and your rights as Aircraft Maintenance Technicians.

View the video here.

Reports and Updates

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