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First, I’d like to point out something of which some of you may not be aware. Our fine mechanics were among the other employee groups who stood shoulder to shoulder with us while we all tried to wrap up protracted negotiations. Negotiations have concluded for all major employee groups except for our mechanics, as the Company continues a scorched-earth policy. I know that you all appreciate our mechanics’ dedication to their profession and their quality of work as much as I do. No one in the world appreciates a good aircraft mechanic as much as a Pilot, and AMFA has our full support. 

–John Weaks, President, Southwest Airlines Pilots Association

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August Membership Meetings

The General Membership Meetings for August will be held on Tuesday, August 22 at 0730, 1130 and 1500 at the Union Hall. (MAP) Read the official meeting notice here.

Informational Picketing to Mark the 5 Year Anniversary of the Southwest Airlines Aircraft Maintenance Technician Contract Amendable Date

Centennial, Colo. – August 14, 2017 – AMFA National Director Bret Oestreich has released the following statement:

“On behalf of the Southwest Airlines (SWA) aircraft maintenance technicians (AMTs), ground support equipment technicians, plant maintenance technicians, maintenance controllers, and maintenance trainers, AMFA members will be conducting informational picketing in Chicago, IL and Phoenix, AZ on August 16, 2017, marking the five year anniversary of the AMT contract amendable date…

Read the entire release here.

August 15, 2017: Chicago Business Journal

August 16, 2017: Southwest Airlines Mechanics to Hold Informational Picket At Chicago Midway Airport

August 16, 2017: Dallas Morning News article

Video: SWAPA Supports AMFA

AMFA Supports Chairman Katko’s Recommendation to TSA to Include Aircraft Maintenance Technician (AMT) Union on ASAC

CENTENNIAL, Colo. – August 16, 2017 – The Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association (AMFA) applauds Chairman John Katko’s recommendation to TSA Acting Administrator Huban Gowadia to include an AMT union on the Aviation Security Advisory Committee (ASAC).

AMFA National Director Bret Oestreich stated, “On behalf of the over 3,000 Alaska Airlines and Southwest Airlines aircraft maintenance technicians, I applaud Transportation and Protective Services Subcommittee Chairman John Katko for his leadership in recommending the Aviation Security Advisory Committee to include a ‘craft specific union to represent the AMT perspective on the Committee.’…

Read the entire press release here.

Statement Regarding the Wrongful Termination of Ken Hackett

There have been a number of recent inquiries from you, the members, regarding the status of Ken Hackett’s termination. Hopefully this will provide a general status update and fill in some of the gaps.
In February, Ken was on duty and working in Shops. He was engaged in a discussion near the end of the shift – responding to member inquiries regarding overtime and our contract…

Read the statement from our ALR here.

UPDATE: Update from Craig Hamlet dated August 8, 2017

Raffle to Benefit Ken Hackett

DAL AMT Stephen Taylor has donated a Weatherby PA-08™ Upland shotgun to be raffled off to benefit Ken Hackett. Tickets are available from Steve at $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00. Tickets will be sold until Tuesday, August 22 and the drawing will be held that day at the Membership Meeting.

Visit the product page for the shotgun here.

2017 Scholarship Winners

The following names were drawn during the July membership meeting for $1,000.00 scholarships. Congratulations to all.

Farrah Ata, Taylor Clenin, Rebekah Garcia, Julia Heeg, Emily Hobart, James Hobart, Robert Jobe, Jordan Kane, Mylasia Miklas, Christina Nguyen, Maiya Souvoravong, Christina Tan

Overview of Pending AIR 21 Cases

In recent weeks, AMTs have initiated three separate AIR 21 cases against Southwest. Our attorney, Lee Seham, has provided a brief summary of the relevant allegations.

Read the overview from Lee Seham here.

UPDATE – 28 July: In a memorandum entitled “Compliance Culture” dated July 7, 2017, Landon Nitschke and Trevor Stedke wrote that safety has always been the “top priority” of SWA maintenance operations.  Notwithstanding this purported priority, the memorandum conceded that the FAA and Department of Labor have received an “uptick” in complaints from SWA Aircraft Maintenance Technicians (AMTs) relating to management coercion, which the federal agencies have taken “very seriously.”  The memorandum admonishes and underscores, “It is never appropriate for a [Tech Ops] leader to intimidate or pressure an employee.

Every AMT worth his salt applies pressure to himself knowing the importance of returning planes to revenue service.  But, as the Compliance Culture memorandum correctly indicates, returning planes to revenue in an airworthy condition must be the top priority…

Read the entire update here. 

Additional information re: AMT Negotiations Update 19 July, 2017

AMT Contract Negotiations Update (July 19)

List of TA and Not TA Articles as of 19 July

Compensation package proposal comparison

Video: AMFA Economist on wages in the Industry

Brake Riding court case update

On July 13, 2017, the United States Federal Court; Northern District Court of Texas denied AMFA’s motion to vacate the Arbitration Ruling in the Brake Rider case.

See the update from Craig Hamlet here.

Notice of Changes to the AMFA – SWA ASAP MOU

After many months of work there has been a change in the Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) at Southwest Airlines (SWA). Our ASAP came under 14 CFR, part 121 and AC 120-66A as an air carrier engaged in passenger operations within the United States. Our Program’s initial MOU was signed on September 27, 2001, and the only modification made to the MOU since was the addition of AMFA when we were elected as the bargaining agent for the Aircraft Maintenance Technicians (AMTs) and Appearance Technicians.

Several years ago the FAA updated the AC to AC 120-66B, but we did not update our MOU at that time…

Read the entire notice here.

National Director’s Letter to Membership Regarding Complaint filed by SWA

February 16, 2017

Dear Members:

Yesterday Southwest Airlines filed a lawsuit against AMFA National, AMFA Local 11, and several individual AMFA officers and contract negotiators.  The lawsuit alleges that AMFA-represented mechanics initiated an overtime boycott and that AMFA and the other defendants failed to make “every reasonable effort” to prevent the boycott and/or bring it to an end.  As a remedy, SWA is seeking wide-ranging injunctive relief that would implement judicial oversight of how you perform your maintenance work.

During the pendency of the Section 6 negotiating process, both the carrier and union, and its members, are required to maintain the status quo.  This obligation requires the carrier to bargain in good faith and refrain from unilaterally changing working conditions.  Because SWA has not lived up to this obligation, AMFA filed a lawsuit in a federal court Arizona several weeks ago…

Read the entire letter here.

Letter to AMFA members from National Director

As you know, AMFA is currently engaged in collective bargaining with Southwest Airlines pursuant to the Railway Labor Act (RLA). The RLA mandates that the parties are required to refrain from “self help” until released by the National Mediation Board (“NMB”) from mediation and a thirty-day cooling off period has expired. This means that during the negotiating process Southwest is prohibited from initiating a lockout or unilaterally changing the terms of our collective bargaining agreement. Southwest is also prohibited from implementing a divide and conquer strategy based on direct negotiations with our members. Based on our determination that Southwest has violated its legal obligation in this regard, we have commenced litigation against the carrier in federal court.
Conversely, AMFA-represented employees are prohibited from engaging in concerted job actions designed to create bargaining leverage…

Read the entire letter here.

AMFA Files Suit Against Southwest Airlines For Declaratory & Injunctive Release

AURORA, CO – Friday, December 16, 2016 – The Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association (AMFA) today filed suit in the United States District Court for the District of Arizona seeking declaratory and injunctive relief against Southwest Airlines, claiming the carrier has committed multiple violations of the Railway Labor Act during contract negotiations.

AMFA is accusing Southwest Airlines of negotiating in bad faith, misrepresenting negotiations to AMFA members, and interfering with the AMFA representatives’ efforts to represent their AMFA members. See attached for a copy of the suit filed with the United States District Court for the District of Arizona.

Southwest Airlines mechanics have been negotiating a new contract with Southwest Airlines for four years, three months and thirty days. During this time period the mechanics have not received an increase in pay despite the carrier enjoying record profits. In 2014 company profits exceeded $421 million and by 2015 the profits reached $2.4 billion.

One of the main contentions in the contract negotiations is CEO Gary Kelly’s insistence on outsourcing maintenance work to low skilled, non-certified mechanics to include foreign countries…

Link for PDF file of AMFA filed complaint against SWA

Read the entire news release here.

National Director Letter to Members Regarding Filing Suit Against Southwest Airlines

SWAPA Announces Support For Aircraft Mechanics Over SWA Management In Contract Fight

Flight Attendants Join Pilots In Supporting Aircraft Mechanics In Their Contract Fight With Southwest Airlines Management

NEW—Transport Workers Union Local 555 the Third Key Labor Association to Come Forward in Support Of AMFA

Dallas Morning News article

Chicago Business Journal

AMFA / SWA Lawsuit Update #3

February 7, 2017

This is the third update, which details the factual allegations contained in the complaint against Southwest Airlines that was filed with the federal court in Phoenix, Arizona.

The second update detailed Southwest’s unpreparedness to engage in meaningful negotiations. This update will provide insight into the allegations of Southwest’s regressive bargaining tactics contained in the Complaint.

Read the update from your Negotiating Committee here.

AMFA / SWA Lawsuit Update #2

AMFA / SWA Lawsuit Update #1

Know your rights!

Our legal counsel Lee Seham has produced an instructional video about AIR21 and your rights as Aircraft Maintenance Technicians.

View the video here.

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